Wedding Photography

...captured the beauty of every moment

What is wedding photography? It’s a kind of story about one of the most important days in your life. The story of recent preparations, great emotions and the elevated Wedding Ceremony. A story you will always be glad to come back to and see something new every time. It is a story about you and for you, noticed by my eye, written on my camera.

What includes wedding photography?

Session reportage


This is the chapter of the wedding story that tells you about the transformation you make when you cast your day and take on the roles of the young people. There are questions in gestures and eyes – whether the hairstyle to be sure to keep up, whether the dress is well laid out, or the fly is properly tied up. Moments of hesitation – will we be able to do it in time? And moments of impatient expectation – when all the guests come?

And the final moment: Yes, we are ready, the last button has already been clipped.

Session reportage of Marriage Ceremony

...the beginning of the New Way

This is a chapter about the last steps you take as a bride and the first steps of your marriage. Listen to the good advice you get for the future and the tears of your parents’ emotions. It’s a deep look in the eyes and a sincerity straight from the heart, when you make a marriage oath. And then flowers, wishes and great joy.

Photographs of the wedding party

... joy, fun, smile

The tension has already subsided. Now it’s time to party until dawn.

Outdoor session

You have an idea for your dream outdoor session, or are you still looking for inspiration? An open-air session is the chapter of the story of your wedding where we can afford to create and have fun with the reception. You prefer a rural idyll: a wedding dress sliding in a grain of corn, a tuxedo on a background of a ladder, or a session in a city alley: a kiss at a bridge or a deep look at the city hall gate.

No matter where you want to do your outdoor session, remember that I am here for you, always ready to advise you, to guide you through this special day.

Here you can ask the question: who is the wedding photographer?

It’s someone who takes a really serious job. On the one hand the wedding day is unforgettable, it is written in our memory for a lifetime, on the other hand in the rush of tasks and enormous emotions many of these valuable moments we might miss. The photographer is someone who stands slightly on the side, sees the magic and the beauty of these moments and writes them in the camera. Then he creates a story out of them.

What kind of photographer I am?

I combine a great deal of experience – I’ve been photographing hundreds of couples with fresh glances – every wedding is unique and I show this uniqueness with the best of luck. I am most delighted when couples watching my pictures say: Thanks to you we saw ourselves in a completely new way. Thank you. This is my greatest compliment.

And now I invite you to watch the gallery, here you will see some sample wedding stories. If you have any questions to me or you would like to invite me to write your story, I invite you to contact me.



See you,
Dariusz Małachowski